POEM - Peace , Tranquility and Solitude

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POEM - Peace , Tranquility and Solitude

Post  Dave on Wed Nov 18, 2009 5:51 am

Peace , Tranquility and Solitude

Peace , Tranquility and Solitude
Are the things we all need most
Sit all alone and meditate
Relaxing by the coast.

Allow those sounds to aggitate
And fill your empty head
Help your inner self to meditate
To natures sounds instead.

The sound of wind and water
Waves crashing on the land
Listern to the tides which turn
And flow along the sand.

Sitting by the coast
Breath in the cool sea breeze
It helps relax the mind and soul
And your body is all at ease.

Written By David Boyce
25 November 2006

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