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POEM - Relax and Respect Empty POEM - Relax and Respect

Post  Dave on Wed Nov 18, 2009 5:53 am

Relax and Respect

When you’re in the mood
And the time is good
Relax by yourself
Cos you know you could

Get rid of the anger
Pent up inside
You will then feel relaxed
This will not be denied

Sit down in the quiet
Try to meditate
Within a short time
You’ll be in a relaxed state

Ask for your guides
To come in and talk
You then know who is with you
On the path that you walk

Sit there and listen
With their help you will learn
Take note and acknowledge
Their respect you will earn

With your guides help
You will get some respect
And the knowledge you’ll gain
Is not what you’d expect

You will have many guides
Through your life you will learn
With all of your willingness
Your spiritual light will burn

Written by David Boyce
12 May 2006

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