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Poetry - When she was the woman that she was meant to be... Empty Poetry - When she was the woman that she was meant to be...

Post  E.A. Murphree on Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:40 pm

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When she was the woman that she was meant to be...

The woman who stood before the mirror staring at
the reflected image wanted to speak but could not
remember the words to say; she thought she may
have known the old woman she stared at, perhaps
someone she knew in her younger days.

She was afraid to turn away so she stood very still
fearful that if she moved she may never see the old
woman again; she looked familiar, could it be her
mother, her sister, a friend.

Someone she did not know walked her to a chair in
front of a window telling her that this place was now
her home; she wondered if this was where the old
woman live because it was not her house because
all of her treasured belongings were gone.

“Mom” she glanced at the young man now sitting next
to her then he spoke again asking, “Mom, do you
remember me?” Yes, she thought without speaking I
am here behind these blank eyes and very soon my soul
will run free.

As the young man walked away he promises to return at
the end of the day, she tries to go with him but in this
prison she cannot get away; yet she does not know why
she has to stay.

Did she know him when he was just a little boy, a neighbor
or someone she had given a toy; she could not recall his
name but she knew that his presence filled her heart with

When everyone had left the room she stared out at a lake
that was crystal clear then saw her reflection in the
windowpane; and for a brief lucid moment she recognized
the image and understood that death was near.

Suddenly her mind begin to clear and she could remember
a time when she was young and free; a long time ago when
she was the woman that she was meant to be.

She remembered all that she had left behind when she
moved so far away, she wondered that if she could relive
her life again would she find happiness in another way.
Would she have live so many years under another’s control;
did she put herself into a situation where she had no place
to go; and was it when she became a burden that she was
asked to leave or was it a mistake trying to start over,
trying to once again be free.

She shuffled back to look into the mirror speaking for the first
time in years, “Yes, this person should look familiar, it’s me”;
then she returned to the bedside table where stood a picture
of her son, there was no need for him to hurry back for soon
her spirit would be set free.

Then she sat down in a chair with her tired old eyes fixed upon
the setting sun; her face that had shown sadness for so many
years; now smiled in the face of death because she knew that t
here would no longer be anything to fear.


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