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Post  Admin on Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:29 pm

Many religions have certain days when they celebration their special days and worship their Gods. Christians celebrate different aspects of the life of the Lord Jesus who is known as Christ. The two main festivals are Christmas and Easter, which are my favourite.

On Christmas 25th December the birth of Lord Jesus is celebrated by family and friends getting together in love and exchanging gifts. Easter is celebrated in the Spring to remember when the Lord Jesus returned from the spirit world to show us that life is everlasting. At Easter children are given chocolate eggs to symbolise the beginning of new life.

Some people have made these Festivals very materialistic and in a way spoil the true meaning which is to show one another in a small way how much we care. The gift a child makes for it's parents is more treasured than something expensive. But the best gift of all is to give your time and love to people no matter what faith they follow and show how much you care for them.

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