POEM - Elevated thought

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POEM - Elevated thought

Post  Dave on Wed Nov 18, 2009 5:09 am

Elevated thought

Elevate your thought process
To a place that’s far away
You only need a short time there
You do not need to stay

Sit there in the quietude
When there is no one about
Ask them to come and talk to you
They will come through, without a doubt

Think of all the things you see
And what you don’t understand
Ask for other messages
Don’t expect or just demand

The memories you will be sent
Will be clear and distinct
You will decipher these quite easily
And you will not need to think

So when you have the answers
For you to just believe
Thank them all for helping you
And you’re ready then to leave

Written By David Boyce
17 June 2005

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